Why use heat?

At Trust K9 we have long experience in detecting and eradicating bed bugs. Over the years we have tried out just about the entire arsenal of bed bug pesticides. Through trial and error we have narrowed them down so we are now confident we use the most effective chemicals available. But our weapon of choice these days is heat.

All creatures have a temperature above which they die. It’s called the thermal death point and for temperate bed bugs (the kind we usually come across in the UK) this is 46C. Just a few minutes at this temperature kills ALL bed bug life stages. Pesticides do not destroy eggs. It is possible that eggs will continue to hatch for three weeks after a chemical treatment – meaning there will continue to be a risk of being bitten. When we heat a room, we take the temperature up to around 60C and hold it there. This destroys even the eggs – meaning the room can be slept in straight away without any risk of being bitten at all. You might to leave it a while to cool down first though….