Why use Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Trust K9 specialise in detecting and getting rid of bed bugs. Customers usually come to us for heat treatment for the following reasons:

They want immediate results.
Bed Bug Eggs cannot be killed with any type of chemical and so heat treatment is the only way to get rid of a bed bug infestation immediately. Hotels use us for heat for this reason. Although a correctly applied chemical treatment will get rid of bed bugs it will mean enduring bites for a few weeks, this is not good for hotel guests!

They have been on holiday and are worried that they might bring bed bugs home
We have a mobile heat service where we can pick up your luggage from the airport or you can bring it to our offices for an 8 hour heat treatment to ensure you don’t take bed bugs home with you

They are landlords and their property is uninhabited
A chemical treatment will not be fully effective if the property is unninhanitied.  Bed bugs need to be lured out by humans (Co2) and if the property is empty then they will lay dormant and may go into diapause.  Heat Treatment kills bed bugs and eggs immediately, so the house of flat will be ready for its new occupants to move in

They are moving to a new house and are worried they will take bed bugs with them
We always recommend that people get rid of a bed bug problem before they move.  In some cases this is not always possible and so if you only have your belongings and some small furniture, you can bring this to us for a mobile heat treatment to ensure that you don’t take bed bugs to your new home.

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