Why me?

Most of the people we treat ask the same question: why me? The answer is always the same: bad luck. Bed bugs are brought into your home in or on luggage, clothes or in second-hand furniture. It could be you that brings them in or your visitors. When the bed bugs make that fateful step onto whatever it is that brings them into your house they have no idea whether you live in a palace or a hole in the ground. As long as there are people to bite it’s all the same to them.

But despite this, people are embarrassed by having bed bugs. Much more than, say, having a rat problem. Despite the pure randomness of bed bug infestations, they are still associated with a lack of hygiene. As bed bugs become more widespread – and the  incidence of bed bugs are increasing alarmingly  throughout the developed world – this embarrassment will fade.

Meanwhile, rest assured that whether you live in a palace or, indeed, in a hole in the ground, our bed bug sniffer dogs and heat treatments will be equally effective.