What if it isn’t bed bugs?

A few weeks back I was booked in for a bed bug dog search for a lady in Islington, London. She had been noticing insect bites for some time, but couldn’t find the source of the problem.  After taking the bed bug sniffer dog through her whole house we knew for sure it wasn’t bed bugs.

Determined to solve the mystery, I searched through her bedroom but still couldn’t find any signs of insect activity.

Finally I went up into the loft to see if there was any clue to what might be biting her in case they were dropping down from above. On the far side of the loft, in the eaves of the roof, I noticed some twigs sticking out. On closer inspection, it turned out to be the nest of a small bird and I found bird mites in the nesting material.  Now we knew exactly what to do.  As well as getting rid of bed bugs, Heat Treatment is also highly effective for treating bird mites.

We removed the nesting materials and carried out a heat treatment and have put a stop to her parasitic problem.

We are bed bug specialists and by proxy can help with other biting insects – remember, whatever goes bump in the night- Trust K9 can help!