Trust K9 on The Ladykillers: Pest Detectives

Did you see us on TV?

Alfie getting ready for Filming!

We participated in a four part series produced by KEO Films for the BBC Two Show The Lady Killers: Pest Detectives. The show is following four female pest controllers as they go about there daily routine. They are following Imogen of Tufnell Park Pest Control, Janet of Kwickill Pest Control, Deborah of Des Bone Pest Control and Angela of Conquer Pest Control. During the show Imogen calls in Claire and Alfie to carry out a canined bed bug search. She also calls Trust K9 out to carry out  three heat treatments over the course of the show.

Here is the link to the first episode.  The next episode will be aired at 8pm on Wednesday 1st of April 2015 on BBC Two.

Following the show The Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Mail wrote reviews which featured Alfie.

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