Trust K9 at the Savoy

Last week Mark and I were given a break from all things bed bugs to go to lunch at the Savoy for the UKHA Annual Business Lunch. It was great fun and we got to meet many people involved in the Hotel Industry.

Trust K9 recognise that housekeepers are pivotal to keeping bed bugs under control in Hotels.  The UKHA meets regularly and ensures that its members are informed about issues such as bed bugs. Mark has given presentations and demonstrations with Lola, one of our Bed Bug Sniffer Dogs, at a couple of their meetings.  Knowing the early signs of a bed bug problem and how to treat effectively is key stopping bed bugs spreading throughout a Hotel.


Mark and Lola UKHA back in Jan 2011

Both of the Guest Speakers at the Savoy were very entertaining, particularly the Head Butler, Sean Davoren who told us a story about the lengths they sometimes have to go to to please their guests.  Unfortunately he wouldn’t give away any names!

So what can you do to make sure you don’t encounter bed bugs when staying at a Hotel? Trust K9’s advice is to ask Hotels what their policy is for bed bugs.  At the minimum you would expect them to train their staff and chambermaids on what to look for and have processes in place to track any reports of being bitten.  However, for real peace of mind, some of the more reputable Hotels will have regular searches with bed bug dogs, so do ask if they use them, to ensure that you can sleep tight!