Trust K9 at Pest Tech

Trust K9 are exhibiting at Pest Tech on 7th November.  We are all busy getting our literature up to date, banners printed and pens proofed! One of the main messages Trust K9 are trying to get across to the Pest Control Industry is that because we are bed bug specialists, rather than competing with each other we can work together.

Trust K9 are already working with Facilities Management Companies and Pest Controllers allowing them to offer additional services. Bed Bug Sniffer Dogs offer benefits to Pest Controllers as well as to the affected Customer or Hotel alike, because the sooner you identify a bed bug problem, the sooner you can get rid of them and with less disruption.  The is a massive plus for everyone involved – whether you are suffering from bed bugs, or you are treating bed bugs.

We also offer Heat Treatment which kills bed bugs and eggs immediately.  This means that Hotels can let rooms the same day they are treated.Come and visit us and our bed bug sniffer dogs at Pest Tech, Stand 20 in the Premier Suite at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull on 7th November. Or call us on 0208 299 4090