The possible aftermath of bedbugs

When discovering a bed bug problem in your home, our initial reaction is to remove the infestation. However unless you have experienced a bed bug problem before you may not be prepared for the psychological effects of bed bugs.

Bed bugs invade your home. They live in the places where you are at your most comfortable and relaxed. At Trust K9 we understand the psychological problems associated with bed bugs and try to tailor our treatments with a minimal amount of upheaval.

Bed bugs feed solely on humans and if you do react to bed bug bites this on its own is enough of an issue. They also lay eggs every day and generally when you find your first bug they will have been in the property for a few weeks. This fact alone can be terrifying.

Due to our reactions to bed bug bites, and the itch they can leave behind, it can become second nature to assume they are still in our homes after a treatment and can be hard to believe they are really gone. They can cause ‘Delusional Parasitosis’. We believe we are still being bitten by these bugs even when they are no longer present, if we are also scratching our skin this can leave marks similar to bites and can cause secondary infection also reaffirming in our minds that our bed bug problem is still present. Sometimes exposure to particular household cleaning products can cause a reaction, so including this irritation and a previous experience with a bug infestation it causes a delusional reaction which fools you into thinking an infestation is still present.

Trust K9 are here for our customers every step of the way. Whether you just need advice at this moment in time or are interested in receiving a quote for chemical spray, heat treatment or dog search or all three, please do contact us. Our customer care is most important to us, so even if ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ is an issue, we will always direct/advise our customers in the right way on how to deal with this issue.