Trust K9 are the experts when it comes to Bed Bugs.

Searching a bedroom

If you think you have bed bugs then look no further. Trust K9’s bed bug dogs allow for early detection and we use the latest heat treatment equipment to effectively eradicate them immediately. Alternatively  we can carry out a chemical treatment if circumstances don’t allow for a heat treatment.

We understand that sometimes the psychological effects of bed bugs can be worse than the physical problems they cause. People who suffer from bed bugs often report anxiety, panic attacks and loss of sleep. Bed bugs have this effect because they attack when we’re most vulnerable – asleep and in our innermost sanctum, our beds.

Mark with Lola, our Bed Bug Dog

Once you have an infestation it will continue to grow until it is treated. If you even suspect you have a bed bug problem the best solution is to have it checked out straight away. Not everyone reacts to bed bug bites at first so it can be difficult to be sure you have them and spending hours researching bed bugs on the internet will only lead to more sleepless nights! The worst thing you can do is to try to treat the problem yourself. Very few of the over-the-counter pesticides that are supposed to kill bed bugs actually work. In fact you’ll probably make the problem worse by irritating them and dispersing them further around your house or flat.

Scent Detection Dogs

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Heat Treatment

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