Questions to ask when deciding what bed bug treatment to use

At Trust K9 we are aware that we do not offer the only bed bug treatment on the market. We believe that healthy competition and variety is a great thing.

However we do receive calls now and then from potential clients who have had bad experiences with other companies. We have compiled a list that should help you find the right Bed Bugs Specialists.


We all like to watch the pennies where we can and of course it can be very tempting to go for the cheapest bed bugs treatment. The best questions to ask yourself are:

Trust K9 Bed Bugs Specialists - pound icon“Am I getting value for money?”
The treatment may be the cheapest you have found but does it cover the cost of follow up visits? If not, will the follow up visits need to be paid for at a later date?

Is the treatment guaranteed?
If there is a guarantee find out what is required from you for the guarantee to be valid. Certain companies may be able to spread the cost of a treatment, this is a great question to ask as you may be able to purchase a treatment that is better for your needs.

Trust K9 Bed Bugs Specialists - luggage iconWhat is required from you?
Do you need to bag everything up? Do you need to throw things away? Find out if this is necessary and why. Not all companies require this and it will save you a lot of time and possibly money if they don’t.

What is the actual treatment?
Is it a chemical spray treatment? If it is where is it sprayed? Are they using steam? Can this damage furniture? Are they using heat? What is the heat applied to?

Asking all these questions will help you work out the best treatment for you and help you understand how effectively it will kill bed bugs. It is also a good idea to check if there will be 2nd or 3rd visits and when these need to be scheduled for. If there are second or third visits find out why they are required.


Trust K9 Bed Bugs Specialists - search iconPeople do not want to admit to having bed bugs. However customers may be willing to post testimonials anonymously.

Does the company have any customer reviews? Bed bug specialists?
It is very easy for any company to claim they are a bed bug specialist and have a dedicated website. However a little digging through a search engine should be able to clarify this for you! If you are not using a bed bug specialist please bear in mind they are dealing with a lot of pests on a daily basis ranging from mice to moths and are retaining a lot of information regarding each pest.

Compare Compare Compare!

Trust K9 Bed Bugs Specialists - phone iconIf in doubt keep asking questions! Generally we would advise to put together 3-5 quotes, however the bed bug market is very vast with the different types of treatment. Call, call and call some more, there are facts about bed bugs that are fool proof and these can be seen in university studies. If still in doubt the bed bug foundation is an impartial service you can use for information on bed bugs and their treatments.