New Year..New Bites?

Happy new year from all the staff at Trust K9. Alfie took this very special photo for everyone on new years eve.

Over Christmas and New Year’s the majority of us will visit family and friends. When visiting we may stay at their houses or in hotels.  By now we are all back into the swing of things. Carrying out our usual commute and back in our own homes. What do you do if you start to get bites? Or were bitten while you were away and are still being bitten now?

Firstly the best thing to do is to phone your family or friends you stayed and speak to them. They may not know they have a bed bug problem or they may have only just found out.

Secondly we need to identify if your biting problem is a bed bug problem. Have you been bitten by bed bugs before and know what the bites look like? Is the any evidence of the bed bugs in your property? Have you seen a bed bug?

If you haven’t you don’t need to worry. We have Alfie and Dex who are bed bug sniffer dogs and can detect as little as one bed bug or a few nymphs.

So if you feel you may have come into contact with a bed bug infestation recently, please don’t worry as you no longer have to wait to see the evidence of the bed bugs.

Please call the number above to book Alfie or Dex in for a visit.