Moving in with Bed Bugs

Whether you’re buying or renting a property, there is always the possibility that something else could already be living there. We recently carried a bed bug heat treatment for a couple in Walthamstow. Their story was a little different but for us it wasn’t all that unusual.

When moving into a new property you always view it first. You look for signs of damage or things that are out of the ordinary. We might have a nosey in the cupboards and imagine how many new shoes we can store in there. The one thing the majority of us don’t check for is a bed bug infestation.

The hardest part about checking for a bed bug infestation is that there may be no obvious signs. To thoroughly search for bed bugs in a property would involve stripping the bed, removing the mattress and turning the bed over, all to look for bed bug poo.


There’s the chance you might not find any evidence and doesn’t mean they’re not there, or you could be looking in the wrong place all together.

Dave and Jan from Walthamstow had purchased their first home together. The property had a bed bug problem that they weren’t aware of. They had planned to redecorate before moving in to their two bedroom flat. Some of the furniture had been moved in. Whilst decorating Jan had a quick nap on the bed and woke up to find three fat bed bugs crawling away from her. With a few hours she had bite marks around her wrists. She acted quickly luckily knowing what bed bugs were (she had lived in New York). They called us in and had a heat treatment carried out and within 24 hours they were clear of bed bugs and guaranteed for six months.

However could this problem of been prevented? Could it have been found before the house was bought?

You can have a bed bug canine search carried out to a property you are interested in buying or renting before you move in! That way you can decide whether to move in and treat, treat and then move in or not move in at all and continue looking for you dream home.

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