Lola – Star of the show

So last week we went off to Pestex – a huge international gathering of pest control companies and their suppliers and customers. It seems like 2011 is set to be the Year of the Bed Bug. Everyone was talking about them: about they are on the rise pretty much everywhere and about how difficult they are to get rid of. Anyway, we at Trust K9 aren’t too phased by this. We have a couple of fantastic weapons in our armoury to deal with bed bugs and both were on show at Pestex.

First up, and by popular acclaim the star of the show, was Lola, our bed bug sniffing superdog. She did several demonstrations where she proved beyond doubt that when it comes to detecting bed bugs, man hasn’t a chance against a dog. She can sniff out bed bugs in a room in the time it takes a man to roll his sleeves up. Well, almost.

Next we have our state-of-the-art heat treatment machines. These heat a room up to 55C and above and hold it there for an hour or two. This kills ALL bed bug life stages, including pesticide-resistant eggs.

Put these two together, and add a huge amount of bed bug expertise and we reckon we are the crack force in the war on bugs.