Knowing When to Use Our Bed Bug Sniffer Dogs

We always prefer to utilise our bed bug sniffer dogs when assessing the extent to which a bed bug in-habitation has spread. However sometimes the evidence is all too obvious to our technicians and negates the need for a bed bug dog search. In the first six weeks of in habitation, bed bugs will often leave little to no visible evidence of their presence, making them very difficult to find. However, if the problem is ignored or the victim is simply oblivious as to what may be causing their insect bites the bed bugs steadily multiply and given enough time, it becomes all too clear were the insects are hiding; you just have to know where to look.

At a glance, a bedroom may look clean and tidy and our customers are often confused as to


Bed Bugs on Rear of Headboard

why they keep getting bitten when they’re so thorough with their housekeeping. The first place to look in any given room is, quite obviously, the bed, the sofas and chairs. Bed bugs aren’t said to have nests rather harbourages where they cluster together. This is because although they like to rest together in cracks and crevices, they won’t necessarily lay their eggs all in one place. To see these harbourages, the best place to look is underneath furniture and behind headboards, so when our technicians inspect a property they will get into these places.


Bed Bug Harbourage

If a property has been inhabited by bed bugs for more than 6 months or even closer to a year’s time it can be overwhelming for the victims and its common for them to doubt the idea that they may ever get rid of, kill bed bugs. It’s at this stage when our technicians need to reassure customers that we are a specialist company who deal exclusively with bed bugs treatments and no matter how bad it looks we will eradicate the problem, full stop.

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