I’m so sick of having bed bugs!

When considering your treatment options for eradicating bed bugs one of the biggest factors taken in to consideration is how long you have had the problem for and how badly you react to the bed bug bites.

A heat treatment is a great way to eradicate your bed bug problem in the quickest time. If you react very badly to the bites, feel you cannot sleep in your property because of the bed bugs or just cannot stand the thought of them then a heat treatment is your best option.

Heat treatments take a lot longer to complete than chemical treatments but unlike chemical treatments there is no waiting time for the treatment to be effective. A heat treatment will take 24 hours to complete but in those 24 hours all life stages are killed, so when you return to the property all the bed bugs including the eggs will be eradicated.

We always advise to heat treat your whole home except for kitchens and bathrooms. Bed bugs can feed on us anywhere we relax so, our bedrooms, studies or on our sofa when we are watching TV are all potential feeding places for bed bugs. Although you may not have seen them in these areas it is very easy for them to move between rooms so they may be there.

The cost of a heat treatment will vary from home to home so it is best to have a no obligation survey however we can normally provide a rough guide price on the phone once we have a few details from you.

We will always endeavor to give you the best advice for your circumstances and budget so do not hesitate to contact us.