Here comes the sun

Spring is in the air and bed bugs are on the move. Bed bug activity is linked very closely with temperature. The warmer it gets, the more they move around and breed, the more people get bitten. Bed bug heaven is between 20oC and 27oC and last week’s temperatures in and around London weren’t far off that.  Sure enough, enquiries here at Trust K9 are on the increase. Lola – our secret weapon sniffer dog – is especially happy about this. More calls equals more bed bug detection equals more treats for a job well done.

It’s ironic then that we use the very thing that gets bugs going – heat – to get rid of them. Bed bugs die in temperatures above 46 oC. Our heat treatments take temperatures much higher than this. It kills off ALL bed bug life stages, including the pesticide-resistant and virtually invisible eggs. That’s why we can guarantee our heat treatments are 100% effective.  It just goes to show, you really can have too much of a good thing!