Heat for Hotels or Business

Heat for Hotels or Business

Bed Bugs can cause havoc in hotels, potentially putting rooms out of service and causing damage to your reputation. Heat Treatment will give immediate results in eradicating Bed Bugs.

If you are a Hotel and have either just discovered you have a bed bug infestation, or have been trying and failing with pesticides the look no further. Trust K9’s Bed Bug Heat Treatment can:

tickgive immediate results

tickprevent revenue loss

tickkill all life stages of bed bugs including eggs

tickprotect your reputation

tickbe cost-effective

tickput your rooms back in service the same day

Traditional bed bug treatment involves the use of potentially harmful pesticides. Applied correctly there should be little risk to hotel guests, but pesticides alone are not always 100% effective.

hotel bedroomBed bugs can be alarmingly resistant to many pesticides.rk on another. More importantly, no pesticides destroy bed bug eggs. Eggs can hatch up to three weeks after a chemical treatment. This is why guests may experience bites even after spraying and why an infestation may need more than one treatment.

Trust K9 use cutting-edge heating equipment as our favoured treatment for hotels. By carefully heating a room to the right temperature we can be sure that ALL life forms – including bed bug eggs – are destroyed, while leaving the rest of the room’s contents undamaged. You can re-use the room straight way.

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