Heat Kills Bed Bugs

Heat is natures natural answer to killing bed bugs. Here are some tips on ways to get rid of bed bugs with heat.  However, these are all localised treatments and will only treat the items or places you can access with it.

Tumble Drying
You can tumble dry any bed linen or clothes for around 20 to 30 mins in a domestic unit, or less at a launderettes.

bed bug heat treatment

A Trust K9 Heat Exchanger

Some tips – Do not overload not more than 20% of the drum with clothes as it needs to be able to fall and stay separated allowing the heat to penetrate evenly.

Getting rid of bed bugs with Steam
Good quality steamers give pure steam at 200 oc +  and the good ones cost over £800.

Be aware that the bed bugs can get pushed away with the force of the steam so be ready to collect them.

Remember that these solutions are localised and unless you have caught the bed bug

infestation, it is unlikely that you will get rid of them all.

Heating the whole property for bed bugs with specialist Heat treatment equipment killing all bed bugs and eggs in 24hrs from £1250 with a Guarantee may be a better way of spending your money. Contact us for more information or advice.