Getting Rid of Bed Bugs whilst Pregnant

Trust K9 understand that finding out you have bed bugs can be distressing at the best of times.  However, when you are preparing to bring a new baby into your house, the last thing you need to worry about, or waste time on, is getting rid of bed bugs.

Trust K9 frequently get calls from pregnant women who have discovered they have bed bugs.  The most common scenario is that they want to get rid of the bed bugs before the baby arrives – and they want to know this for SURE.

Whilst chemical is an effective way to treat bed bugs when applied correctly, it can take weeks, sometimes months, to fully get rid of all of the bed bugs.  Heat offers an immediate solution.  We heat up the structure of your house or flat for around 24 hours to ensure that all of the bed bugs and eggs die immediately.

But how do you know for sure that the bed bug treatment was effective?  Trust K9 can then use our highly skilled team of sniffer dogs to give you the peace of mind that the bed bugs really have gone.

Even if they feel they can wait a month or so for all the bed bugs to die using the chemical treatment, most expectant mothers want to minimise the amount of pesticide used in their home so close to delivery of their new-born. Heat kills bed bugs immediately without the need for chemical.

A combination of bed bug heat treatment and bed bug sniffer dogs gives you an immediate solution for bed bugs, and the peace of mind that you can get on with the important task of preparing for the arrival of your new baby.