Emergency Heat for Bed Bugs in Luggage

A couple recently contacted TrustK9 in somewhat of a panic. They were on holiday in Spain and the lady had received some bites which she had assumed to be mosquito bites. However, whilst researching on the internet how to reduce the itching, she came across bed bugs.  It didn’t take long for them to find evidence that their hotel room was infested with bed bugs.

Picking up bed bugs whilst staying away in hotels or at friends or relatives houses is one of the most common ways to get bed bugs. They simply crawl into your luggage and hitch-hike a lift back to your house.

Heat Treatment is a sure-fire way to kill bed bugs in houses and buildings, but luckily for this couple they realised that the bites were from bed bugs before they took their luggage back home.  This meant we were able to enclose their luggage in an container (exactly the same way we would heat up a house but on a smaller scale) and heat it up to kill any bed bugs or eggs, saving them stress and money.

Trust K9 can deal with all of your bed bug problems!