DIY Bed Bug Spray?

We’ve done quite a few residential treatments lately where the sufferers had gone through cans and cans of over-the-counter pesticides, all supposedly capable of killing bed bugs. One poor guy had tried four different types.  The bottom line is that we haven’t yet come across any pesticide in the consumer market that works. In fact they are more likely to make the situation worse by irritating the bugs and making them spread out around your house.  ‘Bug bombs’ are even worse.

So how can the manufacturers get away with saying their sprays work? True enough, spraying some of these products directly on to bed bugs you can see might well kill them, but for every bug you can see there are usually many more of them way out of sight. And it’s these that are likely to up sticks and move to another bedroom or your sofa.

Our advice would be to leave well alone and call an expert…