Chemical Treatments

When needs must.

home-page-icon-chemTrust K9’s chemical treatment is a long lasting barrier to fight against bed bugs in your home or place of work. A chemical spray will work against a bed bugs life cycle.

A bed bug will feed every 7-10 days and will lay every day. A bed bugs eggs can take up to 18 days to hatch. Once an egg hatches it will then go in search of its food source. We use this knowledge to create a barrier that the bugs will have to crawl across. This chemical barrier will kill adult bed bugs and nymphs.

Please view our FAQ’s page for further information on bed bugs and their life cycle.

Although a chemical spray isn’t the fastest treatment we offer for eradicating bed bugs, in certain circumstances it may be the only possible treatment.

The best part of our treatment is that we require nothing from you! Just a good tidy up and a watchful eye. No furniture needs to be thrown away with Trust K9’s bed bug chemical spray and nothing needs to be bagged up.

Any treatments where the whole property is sprayed come with a six month guarantee.

Our prices page will give you an idea of cost for a bed bug chemical treatment to your home.