Chemical treatments for Bed bugs

When you have a bed bug problem the first step is to freak out! After having a cup of tea and a biscuit you can then logically work out a plan of action to tackle the bugs.

The best place to start is to find what can kill them and how it works. Having bed bugs and finding a viable solution for killing them is no different to having any other service to your property. It is alway best to get a couple of quotes. When phoning around and speaking to the UK’s bed bug specialists you will find that we all do it a little differently.

Trust K9 offer two different solutions for the eradication of bed bugs.

Trust K9’s full structural heat treatment runs for 24 hours to guarantee all items in your home go above and beyond a bed bugs thermal death point of 46 degrees Celsius. This treatment will kill all life stages of bed bugs during the treatment time.  The property will need to be vacant for the 24 hours we treat. We always heat all bedrooms and living rooms in the property to ensure the bugs can not spread into other rooms of your home.

The second treatment we offer is a chemical spray. This treatment takes around an hour to do and the property will need to be vacant for 2 hours while the chemical barrier dries.

In certain circumstances such as budget restrictions or access, a chemical treatment can be the best option.

There a few facts that are known for certain about bed bugs. The can not fly or jump and there two main aims in life is to lay eggs and feed. So long as there is a food source available (us), then bed bugs will crawl to us for a feed. This enables Trust K9 to logically apply a chemical barrier to areas we know they will walk across to get to there food source. Once the bugs cross the chemical barriers it can take up to to two hours to kill them. This means that during the kill time you may still see the bugs and be bitten.

Bed bugs can take anywhere between a few days, up to 10 days to take a feed and there eggs can take up to 18 days to hatch. Meaning the chemical spray can take a while to kill everything.

When carrying out a chemical treatment it is advisable to spray all bedrooms and living rooms of the property due to the way bed bugs will crawl around so freely.

If we do spray all bedrooms and living rooms we will provide a six month guarantee.

Our six month guarantee means that if you have any bed bug issues during the six month period we will come back and carry out further treatments free of charge to eradicate your bed bug problems.


Please call or email today to receive a tailor made quote.