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What bed bug treatment option is best for my property?

Initially you do an internet based search for ‘bed bug treatments’ to eradicate your bed bug problem and unfortunately there are all different kinds of results that come up.
Trust K9 offer two different search types and two different treatment types depending on your level of infestation, budget and property.
Upon ringing or emailing around you will be asked for certain details to enable pest control companies to provide you with quotations for bed bug services. The details Trust K9 require are simple, the area you live in, the number of bed rooms and living rooms you have and the level of your infestation.
The level of infestation can be difficult to work out if you have only just discovered it, however there are certain traits that bed bugs have that will help to establish how long the bugs have been present.

  • Have you been bitten or had bumps appear on your skins for the past weeks or months?
  • Have you noticed blood marks on your sheets upon waking up?
  • Has anyone else in the property been bitten?

An infestation will tend to start as a bite problem or possibly a rash. Due to the nature of bed bugs it can take weeks or even months for the bugs themselves to be seen (they are masters at hiding). However you can, by chance, see a bug at the beginning of an infestation. As bed bugs are a ‘bad luck bug’ it would be as simple as good luck to see a bed bug at the very start of an infestation.

When carrying out a visual search it is much easier to look for the evidence of the bed bugs rather than the actual bugs themselves. A visual search can take anywhere between 5 minutes to a few hours depending on how quick evidence is found. Once evidence is found in one room it is advisable to have the whole property treated due to the bed bugs nature.
The second option is a canine search. Although this search option is more expensive, it is a lot faster taking up to 1-2 minutes a room. If canine doesn’t alert in a room you can be 98% accurate that there is no infestation there, whereas a visual search can only be 30% accurate in cases where no evidence is found.
A canine search is also the best option in low level cases, for instance if you have visited a property recently that has an infestation and want your property checked or if you have only been bitten for a few weeks.

Following on from a bed bug search you can then go ahead and have a treatment. A treatment can be carried out in the first instance if bed bugs have been seen in the property.
A chemical treatment takes 5 weeks to kill all life stages of bed bugs. Bed bugs follow a cycle of feeding every 5-10 days (depending on availability of carbon dioxide and temperature) with eggs taking up to 18 days to hatch. We guarantee the majority of residential property treatments for six months. Once a property is sprayed the treated rooms will need to be left empty for 2 hours whilst the chemical dries. A chemical treatment is safe once the chemical barrier is dry.

The second option is a heat treatment. This treatment takes between 12-14 hours to do and a property will need to be left empty for a further 6-8 hours to cool down naturally. Although this treatment is an expensive one it is the fastest way of eradicating a bed bug infestation as it kills all life stages of bed bugs during its treatment time. It most cases, when treating a residential property this treatment is guaranteed for six months.
Please do not hesitate to contact Trust K9 with further questions you may have regarding a bed bug search or treatment.

The possible aftermath of bedbugs

When discovering a bed bug problem in your home, our initial reaction is to remove the infestation. However unless you have experienced a bed bug problem before you may not be prepared for the psychological effects of bed bugs.

Bed bugs invade your home. They live in the places where you are at your most comfortable and relaxed. At Trust K9 we understand the psychological problems associated with bed bugs and try to tailor our treatments with a minimal amount of upheaval.

Bed bugs feed solely on humans and if you do react to bed bug bites this on its own is enough of an issue. They also lay eggs every day and generally when you find your first bug they will have been in the property for a few weeks. This fact alone can be terrifying.

Due to our reactions to bed bug bites, and the itch they can leave behind, it can become second nature to assume they are still in our homes after a treatment and can be hard to believe they are really gone. They can cause ‘Delusional Parasitosis’. We believe we are still being bitten by these bugs even when they are no longer present, if we are also scratching our skin this can leave marks similar to bites and can cause secondary infection also reaffirming in our minds that our bed bug problem is still present. Sometimes exposure to particular household cleaning products can cause a reaction, so including this irritation and a previous experience with a bug infestation it causes a delusional reaction which fools you into thinking an infestation is still present.

Trust K9 are here for our customers every step of the way. Whether you just need advice at this moment in time or are interested in receiving a quote for chemical spray, heat treatment or dog search or all three, please do contact us. Our customer care is most important to us, so even if ‘Delusional Parasitosis’ is an issue, we will always direct/advise our customers in the right way on how to deal with this issue.

Chemical treatments for Bed bugs

When you have a bed bug problem the first step is to freak out! After having a cup of tea and a biscuit you can then logically work out a plan of action to tackle the bugs.

The best place to start is to find what can kill them and how it works. Having bed bugs and finding a viable solution for killing them is no different to having any other service to your property. It is alway best to get a couple of quotes. When phoning around and speaking to the UK’s bed bug specialists you will find that we all do it a little differently.

Trust K9 offer two different solutions for the eradication of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs in rented accommodation

Bed bugs are one of the worst pests to have. When first discovering your bed bug problem it can be difficult to work out how you have picked up the problem. At Trust K9 we come across all types of bed bug scenarios.

If you are a landlord and your tenants have a bed bug problem it can be difficult to determine whose responsibility the bed bug infestation is. Who arranges a treatment? Who pays for the treatment? Depending on when the infestation started you can decide whose responsibility it is. Was the problem brought in by a previous tenant? Did the tenant have bedbugs in the previous property and has brought them in with them? These questions can usually be answered by the number of bed bugs being seen and the number of bites being received.