Care Homes

Trust K9 – Complete bed bug solutions for care homes

Because there is often a lot of movement of people between rooms in care homes, bed bug infestations can spread far more quickly than in other environments. This is why Trust K9’s three-pronged approach of early detection, pro-active bed bug monitoring and heat treatment is ideal for care homes.

Bed bug sniffer dogs – our bed bug scent detection dogs are far quicker, less disruptive carehomebedand more accurate than even the most experienced pest controller. They are the only way you can know for certain just how far a bed bug infestation has spread.

Bed bug screening – our proactive approach to bed bug screening enables the client to detect bed bug infestations before they become a problem.  By taking a quarterly contract you are ensuring that no infestation will go undetected for more than three months. In addition to regular full property searches we also provide three spot checks that can be used in between full searches in case of suspected bed bug activity.

Heat Treatment – traditional chemical bed bug treatments do not kill bed bug eggs. This means that you will still find bed bug activity up to three weeks after a chemical treatment as the eggs hatch. That’s three weeks where there is every chance the newly hatched bed bug nymphs can move to other untreated rooms. Heat treatment destroys ALL life stages immediately so you can be sure all affected rooms will be free of bed bugs.