Bed Bugs in Public Places.

Whether you’re a care home, hotel or a hostel you are in an industry which is highly likely to come into contact with a bed bug infestation. In a large scale property it can be quite difficult to manage the problem as soon as it begins and also contain the bed bug problem before it spreads.

A visual search on one room can take anywhere between a minute and 45 minutes depending on how easy it is to find the evidence of the infestation. This will all depend on how long the problem has been in the area for. So if you have 20 + rooms to search, this could take a pest controller days. If no evidence is found the best a pest controller can say is there is no evidence of bed bugs. This does not confirm that there is not a bed bug infestation there.

A canine bed bug search is the best option for searching large scale areas. A canine can search a room in 2-3 minutes and will alert on the strongest point of the scent. Bed bug detection dogs have been proved to be 98% accurate. With their fast time and accuracy you could have a map of your bed bug infestation in a few hours.

Trust K9 offer contracts for all sorts of establishments that come into contact with bed bugs. The best way to control bed bugs in your property is to have a canine search every 3 months. This way you can control any infestation before it becomes too large.

Following on from your canine bed bug search you could then either have a heat treatment from Trust K9 to eradicate the problem quickly or you can arrange with your pest control company to carry out their own treatment.

Trust K9’s heat treatments are carried out over a 24 hour period and in that 24 hours all stages of bed bugs in those effected rooms are eradicated giving you a clean slate.


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