Bed bugs & electronics

Recently I had a quick Google regarding bed bugs (being a bed bug expert it tends to be a habit you pick up) and I came across quite a few questions regarding bed bugs and where they live.

A gentleman on Yahoo asked a very good question. He asked if bed bugs lived in electronics. He had a TV and laptop and was concerned as he would be moving soon. As explained they was not items he could leave behind, he could not spray them with chemicals and he couldn’t well… put them in the tumble dryer either.

There were a fair few responses but the answers were, for me, rather surprising. A lot of people are adamant that bed bugs live in your bed and nowhere else. Well rightly so. It’s all in a name right? They are called bed bugs after all.

Wrong! Bed bugs will live anywhere there is a food source (which is us) and they will track us by our carbon dioxide.

So what are you meant to do if you suspect bed bugs in your electronics?

The best thing to do is to have a professional heat treatment and there are different options for this.

Say if you were moving and like the gentlemen above you know they are in your belongings the easiest way to make sure you do not take the infestation with you is to heat your items before moving into the new place. This would be a mobile heat treatment. You would bring your items to our premises and we would heat them at our facility so when you take them home, you know that it is bed bug free.

Claire Williams