Bed Bugs and Our Furry Friends

If you have been unlucky enough to be bitten by a bed bug, then you will know that they alfiebedbugdoglike to feed on human blood. But what about our pets- should we be worried about Fido and Felix as well?

Trust K9 know for a fact that the answer is yes. Bed bugs will bite other mammals including your pet dog or cat. However, animals are not the bed bugs first choice for a source of food, mainly because they have to get through the fur, which is more work for them.

Whilst on a recent Trust K9 bed bug heat treatment for a fairly heavy infestation in East London, our technicians were looking over the property for items to be removed and for obvious reasons, pets need to be taken out whilst the house is structurally heated up over 24 hours. The owner was about to take Fido’s bed with him, and we asked to check the bed – we found 15 bed bugs just from a visual inspection.