Bed Bugs in rented accommodation

Bed bugs are one of the worst pests to have. When first discovering your bed bug problem it can be difficult to work out how you have picked up the problem. At Trust K9 we come across all types of bed bug scenarios.

If you are a landlord and your tenants have a bed bug problem it can be difficult to determine whose responsibility the bed bug infestation is. Who arranges a treatment? Who pays for the treatment? Depending on when the infestation started you can decide whose responsibility it is. Was the problem brought in by a previous tenant? Did the tenant have bedbugs in the previous property and has brought them in with them? These questions can usually be answered by the number of bed bugs being seen and the number of bites being received.

If you are moving into a property and discover a bed bug infestation the first thing to do is to phone your landlord and explain the situation. You can then determine the best solution moving forward.

If you are moving property and  do have a bed bug infestation, the bed bugs will need to be killed in order to make sure you don’t move the infestation with you. The best and fastest solution is a heat treatment.

Trust K9 offer a mobile heat treatment service. We will collect your belongings in the morning; carry out a heat treatment to your belongings at our premises and drop them off to the new property in the evening after the treatment is completed.

During the treatment process we will take your belongings up to 55-60 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 5 hours. Bed bugs will die at 46 degrees Celsius. This treatment will ensure that no live bed bugs or fertile eggs are moved with you.

If you would like a mobile heat treatment quotation please give us a call today.