Bed Bug Sniffer Dogs

When people use bed bug sniffer dogs, they are putting their trust in the dogs to detect bed bugs.  Bed bug dogs are a great solution for finding early infestations, for example if you have just come back from a holiday; or need to search a large area.

lola searching for bed bugs

Bed Bug Sniffer Dog at Work

Trust K9 have spoken to more and more pest controllers who are buying and training bed bug sniffer dogs. So how do you know which bed bug dog company to go with?

Trust K9, as far as we are aware, currently have the largest team in UK and bought the first NESDCA certified dog to the UK.

Anyone who works with dogs will understand that it takes a lot of training to become a great sniffer dog team for both the dog and the handler. The dog and the handler need to build a bond, and so our sniffer dogs live with their handlers.

The dog and handler will work together for a number of months in training so that they learn how each other behaves and acts.

A good bed bug sniffer dog team will work in partnership with each other to produce the best results.

So why is this important?  If the handler has had no sniffer dog training or has not spent sufficient time to read the dog, the dog may give subtle indications or behavioural changes that the handler will not pick up on.

To see our great bed bug sniffing team in action please call us to arrange an appointment.