Where can I find Bed Bugs?

Where can I find Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs on Rear of Headboard

Below are the most common places to find bed bugs. Make sure you inspect carefully as eggs and nymphs are tiny, and hard to see with the human eye. Bed bugs will crawl into cracks and crevices as thin as a piece of paper.


Remove and check underneath, especially where connecting to the bed. Check any cracks and crevices if its wooden. If you have fabric head board check seams and joins in the fabric on the front and back of the headboard. Check around buttons.

Bed Frame

Check inside divan box spring  by removing draws or black plastic bottom. Look between gaps such as joins in the divan frame. The easiest evidence to look for is the black spots (their poo). on slatted bed frames check where the slats meet the bed frame, where the frame connects together and where the legs meet the bed. Although bed bugs do not like metal they will survive on a metal bed frame. Check wooden areas first such as slats.

Bedside tables

Pull bedside tables away from the wall and check the backing. Remove drawers and check for eggs and bed bug poo. Check both inside and outside of the draws.

Any furniture or item within 1.5 meters of your bed is high risk.

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