What do bed bugs eat?

What do bed bugs eat?

A bed bug is a parasitic bug whose Latin name is Cimex Lectularius. A bed bug will only feed when the chance of getting caught/killed is low that is why these bed bugs can sometimes be referred to as nocturnal, however they will come out during the day to feed.

A bed bug will only eat/drink blood; they prefer human blood but will feed off of other living animals such as dogs, cats or mice.

A bed bug will need a blood feed between each a life stage. A bed bug will start its life as an egg that will take up to two weeks to hatch. As long as the living conditions for the bed bugs are favourable, bed bug go through five life stages before becoming an adult bed bug. It will need a blood feed before it can move onto the next life stage and it will take 7-10 days for each life stage to take place.

The sooner you bed bugs treatment is started the quicker you kill bed bugs and prevent it spreading.