Do Bed Bugs Fly

Do Bed Bugs Fly
bed-bug-running-over-a4-sheet-of paper


Having a bed bug infestation is a stressful experience and it is becoming a more serious problem, not only in the UK but worldwide, so it’s a very good thing that bed bugs  cannot fly.

Bed bugs cannot jump either although they do have vestigial wings.  Vestigial wings on a bed bug are part of their evolution. Over time their wings have got smaller and smaller as they no longer need them.

A bed bugs main way of moving around is by crawling or hitch hiking onto luggage or bags, although bed bugs do not like sudden movements. A female bed bug will crawl onto a bag or piece of luggage to avoid being impregnated by a male bed bug (mating is painful for the female bed bug).  Research shows that an adult bed bug can crawl about a metre a minute,
but bear in mind that bed bugs are lazy bugs and would prefer to stay as close to a food source as possible.