DIY Bed Bug Treatments

DIY Bed Bug Treatments

The internet is littered with cheap, ‘amateur use’ bed bug insecticidal sprays, smoke bombs

Bed Bug Specialist

Use a Professional Bed Bug Specialist

and kits claiming to offer complete solutions to your bed bug infestation that are readily available for anyone to buy. The problem is that although these products will cut down the number of bed bugs in your property, they are no-where near as strong or effective as the ‘professional use’ chemicals and heat treatments that a pest control professional can utilise to get rid of bed bugs.

Professional treatments have a far higher chance of completely eradicating bed bug in-habitations whereas with a DIY solution, you risk both having insects and eggs survive, or worse spread further throughout your property, making complete eradication even more difficult.

In fact, using the low level chemicals can allow the bed bugs to build up a resistance to the pesticides, making them even hard to get rid of.