Bed Bug Heat Treatment

I am sat writing this in relative peace today as many of our technicians are out on a 3 day bed bug heat treatment at a Care Home.

thermometerFacilities Management companies we work with specifically on bed bug issues, called us in for a bed bug scent detection search at the Care Home as bed bug problems had been found in a number of rooms.

>Part of effective bed bug control is understanding how far the infestation has spread – and this is where our bed bug dogs can help. The results were that there were only 2 flats in the property which didn’t have bed bugs.

The Care Home has 40 flats and so in order to do a successful bed bug heat treatment in all the flats, we have sent over an 8 man team who will rotate in shifts over the next 3 days until the heat treatment has penetrated all the rooms and eradicated all the bed bugs.

The Heat Technicians use sophisticated heat equipment with temperature gauges to monitor the temperature of each room, ensuring that ‘kill’ temperature is reached and held for long enough to kill all of the bed bugs and eggs,