Why Use a Bed Bug Dog

Bed bug sniffer dogs are a fast and accurate way to find out if you have bed bugs. Trust K9 commonly get asked ‘how do I know I have bed bugs?

A bed bug dog gives our customers peace of mind. Either to let them know they don’t have a bed bug infestation and can sleep easy, or if they do have one – we can get rid of them quickly


Mark with Lola, one of our Bed Bug Dogs

Early Detection
Although bed bugs are visible to the naked eye you only really start to see physical signs of bed bugs once a bed bug infestation is 4-6 weeks old. Catching bed bugs early usually means that Trust K9 will be able to get rid of them more quickly.

Have you bought bed bugs into your home?
If you have been on holiday or stayed at a friend or relatives house where there were bed bugs, or you suspect you were bitten by a bed bug, and are concerned that you have taken them back to your house.

Has someone else bought bed bugs into your home?
We get a number of call-outs from people who are concerned that their children have bought bed bugs back with them from university, or who have had relatives or friends to stay and have since found out they have a bed bug problem.

Peace of Mind
We often get call-outs to people who have had bed bugs previously and think they may have got them again. If you cannot find physical evidence it can be hard to determine if you actually have an infestation or whether you are being paranoid about either another biting insect or skin complaint.

Bed Bug Dogs are a great way to be sure a previous bed bug treatment has been effective.

Put your mind at rest and call today for more information.

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