Meet Lola and the Team

Trust K9 has a dedicated team of bed bug detection dogs.

Our highly trained team of sniffer dogs can search hundreds of rooms a day, we have the capacity to service small boutique establishments, to large hotel chains.

Sniffer Dog Team Lola was the original Trust K9 Bed Bug Dog and is a Parsons Jack Russell, from Wales.  She travelled to sunny Florida for her education with Pepe Dogs J&K Canine Academy where she learnt to be a bed bug sniffer dog and was the first dog in the UK to gain her NESDCA certification.

Alfie and Bess were our next two bed bug detection dogs. We worked closely with a specialist scent detection trainer in Norfolk to create an effective training program for both dogs and handlers. Combining his years of expertise in scent detection and our specialist bed bug knowledge.

Alfie and Bess became proud parents in 2012, we kept the pick of the litter and now Dex is happily following in his proud parents paw prints.


Elvis and Dex are in the final stages of training

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