Bed Bug Dogs

Dogs are the latest weapon against bed bugs

home-page-icon-lolaTrust K9’s scent detection dogs locate bed bugs at the earliest stages of infestation in a fraction of the time it takes a human, with minimal disruption and with far greater accuracy. Lola was the first dog from the UK to have trained in Florida and been certified by the National Entomological Scent Detection Canine Association NESDCA.

Dogs are used in a variety of services and have been working on the front line for many years.

Lola working

They are key members of the police force, using scent detection for the explosive and drugs teams, as well as search and rescue, because of their highly developed sense of smell.

Trust K9′s NESDCA-certified scent dogs are easily the most effective way of detecting an early infestation. They are far quicker and more accurate than even the most experienced human. They are also much less disruptive because there is no need to dismantle furniture to do a thorough search.

If a dog detects the scent of bed bugs,  you can rest assured that we offer a variety of treatments proven to get rid of bed bugs.