Bed Bug Dog Searches on the Up

Trust K9 has been extra busy detecting and getting rid of bed bugs recently.  We previously blogged about the Olympics and the suspected increase in infestations bought by the influx of visitors to London, and have seen an increase in outbreaks when compared to this time last year.

BedbugbitesThere was an article it the paper today, about the lady covered in bed bug bites after staying at a leading hotel chain. She described it as “like being in a bush tucker trial”. It looks like this Hotel could do with a full bed bug dog search to check how far the problem has spread and then regular monitoring moving forward.

Unfortunately bed bugs cannot be prevented; however, regular proactive dog searches give Hotels and their guest’s confidence that any issues will be detected before they reach the levels indicated by the number of bites in these photos.

Next time you stay at a Hotel make sure you ask how they monitor for bed bugs.  We recently had a call from a 5 star hotel who wanted their rooms checked on request from a customer! This goes to show that reputable and responsible hotels will listen and act.

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