Bed bug dog has his passport!









Dexter our bed bug sniffer dog has received his passport. He will be holidaying in France for the next week, after his long earned rest he will be sniffing our bed bugs across the UK.

But now he can also sniff out bed bugs around the world. Dexter is perfect for low level infestations or possible large scale problems. He allows us to help you find out the extent of your bed bug problem. He can also determine whether those pesky bites you’re receiving are bed bugs.

Once he has determined the size of the infestation or if it is bed bugs you have we can then go ahead and successfully kill the bed bugs using our Dry air heat system.

This system allows us to successfully eradicate your bed bug problem by taking rooms up to 55-60 degrees Celsius. A bed bugs thermal death point is 46 degrees Celsius so by going up to those higher temperatures we can penetrate all the cracks and crevices in your home, hotel or care home.

Give us a call today to discuss or bed bug service or our heat treatment.