Bed Bug Sniffer Dogs in University

Bed Bug Sniffer Dogs in University

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On-going Bed Bug Problem in a University Halls of Residence, resolved by a Bed Bug Dog Search of 320 rooms over 2 days, to give a full picture of the problem to allow the contracted Pest Controller to successfully get rid of the bed bugs with pesticides. The Feedback from the University has been extremely postive and they have booked bed bug dog searchs for 2013.


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The Problem
The yearly changeover of students in halls of residences teamed with the sociable nature of students, often studying, socialising and even sleeping over in each other’s rooms, makes this type of accommodation a haven for Bed Bugs.We were contacted after the had battling against a recurring bed bug infestation in the building over a number of months.  They realised that the only way to combat this problem would be to locate all of the infested rooms and treat them all at once. However, searching 320 rooms manually would be too time-consuming and ineffective, so they looked for an alternative and contacted us.

The Solution
2 Trust K9 Handler and Sniffer Dogs went to the University and  carried out the searches lola searching for bed bugsacross 2 days, fitting in with the availability of the students. At the end of each day Trust K9 provided a record of all search rooms detailing any infested rooms. One of the floors searched was around 50% infested with bed bugs. Now that they had a clear picture of where the bed bug problems were, their pest control company were able to go in and effectively treat all the affected rooms.