Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Care Home

Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Care Home

care homeSummary
Bed Bug Problem in a London Care Home with 98 Rooms, successfully eradicated by using Bed Bug Sniffer Dogs and Bed Bug Heat Treatment, and guarenteed to be bed bug free for 6 months

The Problem
The care home had been battling with a bed bug infestation for over 18 months.  They  knew the problem had dispersed throughout the care home but did not have a clear picture of how far it had spread. Despite continual chemical bed bug treatments, the problem was just getting worse.

The Solution:
The care home has 98 rooms with some additional communal Testimonialareas, so they enlisted the help of our team bed bug dogs to search all the rooms and accurately detect which ones were affected.  The results showed that over 80% of the residence had bed bugs.
Due to the high percentage of rooms affected, Trust K9 recommended treatment of the full property using  a structural Heat Treatment. Previous chemical applications had not been effective and the Care Home needed a more immediate approach.  Heat can kill all bed bugs and their eggs instantly.

bed bug structural heat treatment in care homeThe co-operation of the care home to vacate the residents was crucial to the success of the plan which was to Heat Treat the whole residence, from bottom to top, over a 48 hour period.  We used specialist heat equipment and ensured that each room was held at 56 degrees for long enough to kill all the bed bugs and eggs.

The combination of using dogs for detection and heat treatment of the whole property allowed us to guarantee this work for 6 months.