“I’m renting a room and have bed bugs. I’m also moving in a week and want to make sure I don’t take them with me. HELP!

Surprisingly we come across this situation a lot. A chemical treatment will always take a minimum of five weeks to kill all the bed bugs in your property and most people are not willing to wait this long.

But if you are moving and discover a bed bug problem or you have a bed bug problem and decide to move, what are the best things to do to avoid infesting your new place.

Now anyone reading this with a bed bug problem or anyone who has had bed bugs in the past will know just how irritating these bugs can be. You think you’ve found the thing that is biting you in your bed or on your sofa so as we all would do, you squish it. Only to be bitten again that very night.

The problem is with bed bugs is once you find one, you know there is more. You also know that those bugs have laid eggs and with eggs taking 18 days to hatch you could be moving some into your new home without even realising.

So what do we do to help?

We can arrange to collect the items that you are moving and heat them at our premises. We have a fully insulated room that we heat to between 55-60 degrees Celsius. The treatment takes between five and six hours to complete, in this time your belongings are removed from their suitcases and boxes to allow for good air circulation.  We then deliver your bed bug free items to your new home.