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The mattress myth

We reckon there must be a mattress mountain somewhere, judging by the number we know are being thrown out. Probably half of the cases we treat have already got rid of their mattresses before we have been called.

We understand why people do it. Seeing bed bugs or their signs on mattresses can be quite disturbing and it is a natural reaction to want to get rid of them. However, in many cases, it really isn’t necessary. While bed bugs do live on mattresses, they generally prefer the cracks and crevices found in bed bases, headboards, in bedside furniture and under skirting and floor boards close to the bed. This is because their ideal conditions are darkness and stillness. If there are bed bugs living on your mattress, the chances are that there are more living in the bed base or surrounding area. Because of this, throwing out the mattress will rarely solve your problem. You’ll just end up spending a lot of money for nothing.

Except in the heaviest infestations, our advice is to have the problem treated first. Our heat treatment penetrates even the thickest of mattresses and kills all bed bug life stages – including the pesticide-resistant eggs. For those opting for chemical treatment, too, we can generally get rid of the infestation without throwing out expensive furniture. Save yourself the cash and call us first!


Lola – Star of the show

So last week we went off to Pestex – a huge international gathering of pest control companies and their suppliers and customers. It seems like 2011 is set to be the Year of the Bed Bug. Everyone was talking about them: about they are on the rise pretty much everywhere and about how difficult they are to get rid of. Anyway, we at Trust K9 aren’t too phased by this. We have a couple of fantastic weapons in our armoury to deal with bed bugs and both were on show at Pestex.

First up, and by popular acclaim the star of the show, was Lola, our bed bug sniffing superdog. She did several demonstrations where she proved beyond doubt that when it comes to detecting bed bugs, man hasn’t a chance against a dog. She can sniff out bed bugs in a room in the time it takes a man to roll his sleeves up. Well, almost.

Next we have our state-of-the-art heat treatment machines. These heat a room up to 55C and above and hold it there for an hour or two. This kills ALL bed bug life stages, including pesticide-resistant eggs.

Put these two together, and add a huge amount of bed bug expertise and we reckon we are the crack force in the war on bugs.


DIY Bed Bug Spray?

We’ve done quite a few residential treatments lately where the sufferers had gone through cans and cans of over-the-counter pesticides, all supposedly capable of killing bed bugs. One poor guy had tried four different types.  The bottom line is that we haven’t yet come across any pesticide in the consumer market that works. In fact they are more likely to make the situation worse by irritating the bugs and making them spread out around your house.  ‘Bug bombs’ are even worse.

So how can the manufacturers get away with saying their sprays work? True enough, spraying some of these products directly on to bed bugs you can see might well kill them, but for every bug you can see there are usually many more of them way out of sight. And it’s these that are likely to up sticks and move to another bedroom or your sofa.

Our advice would be to leave well alone and call an expert…

Here comes the sun

Spring is in the air and bed bugs are on the move. Bed bug activity is linked very closely with temperature. The warmer it gets, the more they move around and breed, the more people get bitten. Bed bug heaven is between 20oC and 27oC and last week’s temperatures in and around London weren’t far off that.  Sure enough, enquiries here at Trust K9 are on the increase. Lola – our secret weapon sniffer dog – is especially happy about this. More calls equals more bed bug detection equals more treats for a job well done.

It’s ironic then that we use the very thing that gets bugs going – heat – to get rid of them. Bed bugs die in temperatures above 46 oC. Our heat treatments take temperatures much higher than this. It kills off ALL bed bug life stages, including the pesticide-resistant and virtually invisible eggs. That’s why we can guarantee our heat treatments are 100% effective.  It just goes to show, you really can have too much of a good thing!